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[Welcome.] This is the point of "entry" onto our
MOMOC.me collaborative learning community.

You can send an email to our DeltaChat
account shown below, or connect with Matrix.



MOMOC#4 ("Comfort") = IT-security..:

Zafe.space is a Premium learning and collaborative community for insights, tools, services and besr-practises for personal IT security, including Android mobiles/tablets, file encryption, secure messaging secure email, VPN, "anonymity" and virtualization. It is included in the default MOMOC membership, and also part of the MOMOC lite variant.


Matrix is our main communication tool/focus, but the new, email-based DeltaChat app is an easy starter, since you can simply send a normal email to it...

We are aiming towards fully decentralized/decentralizeable platform, and Matrix, NextCloud, GitLab (Hugo support) etc. is the currently most strategic path, incl. solid backers...

We are aiming at collaborating with the technology players involved in the platforms used by our two favourites:
(www.)Small-Tech.org and (www.)OpenDesktop.org .

Along our path is self-hosting on SBC's like the awsome Raspberry Pi, and related automation and distribution platforms such as YunoHost(.org).

Within the MOMOC community, part of our focus and main priorities are establishing multiple teams/groups which will focus on automation, transparency and quality control on/for those platforms, and foster a mindset of that everyone contributes in one way or the other, whether it is via ordinary membership payments or earning points/reputation via taking on tasks that the community needs done, for example giving support, reporting/fixing bugs, etc.

Please join and contribute to the discussion about how we can achieve this in a fruitful way.

JOIN our online meetings..:

Arbolis overview:

Tip: Check out DeltaChat: the Email-based automagically encrypted chat..:

DeltaChat is an open-source multi-platform & multi-account app(lication) that presents email as chat and automatically encrypts chat messages between DeltaChat users. Being based on 100% standard IMAP email, it also communicates with any email address, regardless of whether that person is using DeltaChat or not (but then those messages will be standard, open, unencrypted emails)...

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